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Young Climbers classroom

One Year Old Program

"The Young Climbers"

The "Young Climbers" are always on the move! Toddlers learn best in a safe, loving place where they can explore in their own way. Our curriculum is based around the young toddlers curiosity to push the boundaries and discover their new world. During your child's time with us they will be learning how to count, recognize basic colors and shapes as well as building towards following simple instructions and using the potty! Our program includes support for new found independence, language and social skills. 

Adventurers classroom

Two Year Old Program

"The Adventurers"

"The Adventurers" are learning more and more each day! Our two year old program is designed for curious minds and active little bodies. Our skilled teachers will be providing stimulating experiences with engaging activities in: arts and crafts, imaginative play, language, rhyming and counting. An introduction to circle time will increase social participation and communication skills. Your child will be introduced with social opportunities where they will acquire the skills for proper turn taking and social interactions with friends. Making independent choices and working with a group of peers will help your child gain strong cooperation skills and confidence necessary for success in preschool and beyond. 

Investigators classroom

Three Year Old​ Program

"The Investigators"

The world is now opening up for our "Investigators" with their improved coordination and thinking skills. Our program introduces opportunities for your child to explore the world physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. They will begin to practice early literacy skills, language, math and science while shaping social/emotional and self help skills. Your child will be participating in active circle time and structured learning centers that encourage language, books, fine motor skills, basic math skills, art, dramatic play and science. Your child will be introduced to early writing. They will 

Four Year Old Program 


"The Wise Owls"



Four Year Old​ Program

"The Wise Owls"

Our "Wise Owls" are eager to learn and explore. Our private full day Pre-K program is designed to involve and engage these young students with interesting lessons and materials. Our experienced teachers plan thematic units in math, literacy, science, social studies, art and music to thoroughly prepare them for a smooth transition to kindergarten with a rich learning foundation. Students are encouraged to make independent choices through a student centered environment. Hands on experiences are presented daily to allow students to grow and make real world connections. Structured daily schedules and routines are followed to help guide your child. Daily instruction is conducted during whole group and small groups to promote socialization and peer cooperation. Students will engage in discussions which will promote listening and turn taking skills.  


Little Achievers Offers 3K/4K

Early Drop off
Late Pick Up
Food is provided 

Ms. Jennifer Cahill, Center Director


(718) 833-2583


Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

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